The Podcasting Studio Space

By starting a podcast and joining a community of content creators in Tacoma, Washington we provide you with all the tools and resources under one roof getting started recording a podacast fast and easy. The Podcast Simplified studio is a space where you can come in and get off the ground running hassle free. You will look professional and sound professional from day one.
We have personally spent the last few years trying to figure out all this podcasting stuff ... AND we got it! SO all the leg work is done for you. Just come in and hit record! We will take it from there by uploading all your content to Apple, Spotify, Google, iHeart Radio, FMplayer, Sticher, etc...

Focus on the Content

This part is on you! Your ideas, your episodes, your vision. You literaly have a blank slate to work from here to get creative!

Just Hit Record

It really is that easy! Come in, hit recored, and walk out. Dont' worry we got you. This part is on us! Cause we got it down to a science.

Get Support

We've created a newtwork of creative individuals that can get you set up with a podcast that looks legit. If you have any question along the way? Just Ask!

Podcasting has HUGE benefits.

Podcasting makes it easy for people to find you and consume the content they are looking for on demand. All you gotta do is put it out there for them to find.

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Talk directly to the people that are actually looking for your expertise, knowlege & interest.

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Accumulate a following of people that want to hear from you and appreciate what you have to offer on an ongoing basis.

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Create content that resonnates and speaks directly to the listeners.

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Your Audience will love you, and you will continue to support you and even tell their friends and colleagues about your show.

Podcasting IS Marketing

Podcasting can impact your business or personal brand in a real way! Just like social media did. You can impact people's lives with what you have to say. Your customers and listeners will see you as an influencer overnight. By committing to podcasting as a simple marketing strategy, you will get results you can't get anywhere else. Did you know that 69% of podcast listenters became aware of new products or services by listening to a podcast?

Influence and Credibility

People will want to hear what you have to say because you took the time to record it, publish it, and produce the information!

Search Engine Optimization

Google is giving brands huge amounts of credibility and when you create a podcast, you create a brand. Google likes seeing content being published on a regular basis and will boost you to the top!

Partnerships with other Influencers

When you start getting noticed, pepople will want to talk to you on thier shows! This is a great way to boost your exposure by sharing listeners with other podcasters.

Bank of Digital Assets

By podcasting you are constantly creating content that you can use on other social media platforms. Recycling the stuff you've already done can save you tons of time.


Selling While Not Selling. This is the marvel of modern day internet. You could be home hanging out with your friends and family, while someone is mowing their lawn listening to you talk about your product or service!

Instant Connections

As an influencer/Podcaster, people will come to you with an immediate connection. You are constantly generating warm leads that will become hot leads in a matter of minutes. It's called the starstruck factor.


We put together these packages in order for you to get started quickly, and also to create the best fit for your situation.

I'll do the rest.

Per Month

2 studio sessions

you distribute content

I want you to do it.

Per Month

3 studio sessions


we distribute the content.
(Apple, Spotify,etc...)

I want it all.

Per Month

4 studio sessions

Audio + Video

we distribute the content.
(Apple, Spotify, etc...)


About Us

This whole thing was put together by two brothers who just wanted to share what they have done together
podcasting has been a HUGE breakthrough in SEO and marketing for Michael and now we just want everyone to have the same success!

Michael started podcasting in 2020 and hasn't looked back. He started podcasting as a co-host with an industry partner. They just wanted to see what would happen. Now podcasting has become a major way Michael promotes his company. Video and audio are the preffered source of info consumption and continues to be increasingly important in Google's algorithms!


Podcaster/Business Owner

Daniel is the techsavy, art minded brother. Mike asked Dan if he could help get this podcasting thing going. Of course Daniel was hooked the moment they started. He's been editing video, editing sound, designing graphics and posting on social to get Mike's podcasting the attention it deserves!


Techsavy Producer/Editor

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Got more questions? We got the answers.
Whether you're first starting off, or establishing a podcast... We can help! Our GOAL is to give you (the creator and influencer) more time to focus on the content. We take care of the admin and uploads and everything in between that goes into producing a quality podcast.


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